The Corona Virus is Making Me To Ask Questions about Everything.

Femi Olarinoye ☂
2 min readJul 12, 2020

The Corona Virus is making me ask questions about everything. It’s also reminding of the questions I have asked in the past. Here is a list of some of the questions.

Covid-19 — New Scientist
  1. Why was it that when I was a kid I was taught to sneeze with my mouth covered with my hands and also to cough with my hands covering my mouth?
  2. Why is it that in recent times the lessons changed to it being better to sneeze into your elbow?
  3. Why don’t we just require that anyone with a cough or the Flu should just have a face mask on when they are in public?
  4. Why is it that in Asia people consciously put on a face mask once they are sick?
  5. Cars have seat belts. Why don’t passenger planes have any kind of safety technology to try and save the lives of the passengers in the event of an incident like an engine failure?
  6. Fighter jets have parachutes. Why isn’t any kind of innovation like that being made in trying to save the life of passengers of commercial aircraft?
  7. Why don’t we wear helmets while traveling in commercial cars even when we design these cars to be able to get to 200 Km/h?
  8. How much much more lives will we save if it was mandated that cars traveling or planning to travel above 100 Km/h for at least 10 minutes should have everyone on board wearing helmets?
  9. The Grenfell Tower fire caught fire in London on the 14th of June 2017. In the wake of the fire, I have wondered: Should Gas Masks/Respirators be standard items we should all have at home nowadays?

I could go on.



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