My Solution for Both Audio and Video Live Streaming or Recording for Trainers, Teachers and Pastors

Femi Olarinoye ☂
4 min readJul 21, 2020

An affordable, plug & play, easy to run, home studio is going to be part and parcel of the repertoire of Pastors, trainers and bloggers post #Covid19. They have to be able to reach out at any time interactively with their congregation, students and audience with high quality audio and video. Here is a design I worked on.

So here is my solution for both audio and video live streaming or recording for trainers, teachers and Pastors. I will start with the easiest option and conclude with a low cost full-on studio option.

The easiest point of entry is the mobile phone. Just pick your live streaming app (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spreaker, Mixlr etc ) and you are good to go. You will be limited to the quality of your phone audio and video but its a start.

Because a lot of mobile phones now have very good cameras and your phone is essentially a computer in your pocket its possible to use your mobile phone as a live streaming production studio using the Roland GO:LIVECAST

The Roland GO:LIVECAST will allow you to switch in images, videos and music from your phone into your live streaming giving you a professional feel. It also will give you a microphone jack for better audio.

If mobile phones are not your thing. Or you want to go above and beyond what they offer, then its time for computers. You can run a whole studio on a computer. The camera of most computers are also really good right now, at least for talking head situations.

You don’t need a very expensive computer to start with, but at least don’t go below a Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM. Make sure you have more than 60% of your hard drive free. Which means if you will also be recording your videos think of an external back up drive upfront.

While your computer camera will do for some newer computers, it wont be as good or as bright as a webcam. A webcam will also allow you to have a better angle on your video (no more low camera angles). And for those using an older computer this is the way to go.

Add a USB microphone to improve your sound. Ultimately a sound mixer will be needed but a direct USB microphone connection reduces complexity at the low end.

If you can position your table before a window and position your self facing the window you might be able to get enough light for your live stream or video recording during the day. But for a solution that will work at any time of the day and during any weather, get lights.

The Yongnuo YN216 LED Light is quite cheap and bright. Mix it a light stand, metal hot shoe holder, soft box and you solve your lighting needs on the cheap.



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